At Healthy Home 365, we provide you with eco friendly and energy efficient solutions for your home. Whether it’s through our Liquid Kool Thermal Insulating Paint, our Kool Blanket multi-layered insulation, our Solar Kool Attic Ventilation System or our Kool Blue cooling system additive, we aim to provide our clients with the absolute best in home solutions to help you save money and conserve energy while also being friendly towards the environment. For more information on our products and services, contact Healthy Home 365 today!

In addition to the wide variety of products that we offer you at Healthy Home 365, there are many ways that you can be more energy efficient in your home. Each room of your home contains different electronics, appliances, lighting fixtures and more, all of them consuming varying levels of electricity. Making even small changes in your choice of appliances can make all the difference in terms of your energy consumption. This is a subject that we will visit frequently, but for this blog, we will talk specifically about your refrigerator – the appliance in your kitchen that arguably consumes the most energy – and how you can improve this.

Our refrigerators are one of the most used items in our kitchens, and in some cases, have been known to consume as much as 10 percent of the electricity in our kitchen. While this statistic is quite high, it’s also not surprising.Unlike our stoves, dishwashers and ovens, our refrigerators are constantly running, ensuring that its contents are cool and protected from spoilage. Regardless of their need to run constantly, there are still ways for us to reduce the amount of energy that they consume, reduce the overall cost of our energy bills, and reduce the negative impacts that they have on our environment.

Set The Right Temperature

Sometimes, in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and costs, people have a tendency to assume that they can achieve this by reducing the temperature of their refrigerator and freezer. While this sentiment makes sense in theory, it’s actually counterproductive in practice. Most refrigerators have an optimum temperature setting of roughly 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s at this temperature that they are able to operate at peak capacity while also minimizing your energy costs. Setting it lower will actually require it to work harder to maintain an appropriate temperature, which in turn consumes more energy than if you were to have it set at the proper temperature the first time around. Setting it higher than this will also cause it consume too much power and possibly even freeze your food. Find out what the suggested temperature setting is for your refrigerator, and stick with it.

Keep Your Fridge Filled Just Enough

Another way to reduce your refrigerator’s energy consumption and power costs is to make sure that your fridge is filled just the right amount. Refrigerators need to be relatively full to absorb all of the cold air that’s being circulated inside it, but a refrigerator that is too full can actually impede on that circulation. Also, be sure to cover all and any items that may otherwise be exposed, as the absorption of that excess moisture can also interfere with your fridge’s efficiency, once again causing it to work harder and thus consuming more energy.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Much like all of our home appliances, refrigerators require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they are functioning properly. Making sure that there are no parts that need replacement, no gaps or leaks, or no suspicious buzzing occurring, will ensure that your fridge is functioning at full capacity and that it isn’t working any harder than it needs to be.

Those are just a few ways that you can make sure that your refrigerator is at its most efficient, consuming the least amount of power, and saving you money on your energy bill. At Healthy Home 365, providing our clients with high-quality, environmentally friendly home solutions is our goal. Whether if it’s our Solar Kool Attic Ventilation System, our Liquid Kool Thermal Insulating Paint, or another one of our high quality products, it is our goal to help make your home more more eco friendly while also helping you save money. For more information about our products and services, contact us at Healthy Home 365 today!