Healthy Home 365 is proud to provide homeowners with energy efficient solutions for homes, helping you harness green practices in pursuit of a home that’s healthier and truly clean. In our previous post, we shared a few tips on how you can make spring cleaning a little bit greener, from getting rid of unwanted belongings to investing in a whole house air purification system. Wrapping things up in part two of our blog series, we’ll look at a few more things that you can do to make spring cleaning more eco-friendly this season.

Properly Dispose Of Old Tech Items

As we mentioned in our previous post, one of the best parts about spring cleaning has to do with getting rid of all the things that you no longer need. While clothes, books, media and other belongings are easy to get rid of thanks to thrift stores, eBay and other resources, old technology is a little bit trickier to get rid of. While many people figure that they can be disposed of like any other item, this is actually false. Making for a cleaner home is obviously beneficial to you and your family, but you don’t want to do so in a way that is irresponsible or disrespectful towards the environment. Things like old computers, cell phones and other devices, when disposed of incorrectly, can very easily end up in landfills. Unlike things that are biodegradable, however, these devices can be harmful to the environment.

So how are you supposed to dispose of your outdated tech devices? Many areas have programs in place that will take your old tech devices and dispose of them in a way that is eco friendly. In some cases, the parts are recycled, while in others, the devices are actually restored and donated to people in need. A quick Google search will reveal what is available to you in your town or city, and doing so will ensure that you’re disposing of your tech items in way that is not only convenient to you, but also respectful towards our environment.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Goes A Long Way

Perhaps you have children at home that love to draw on the walls. Maybe you’ve endured a bit of water damage in the last few years. Or perhaps you’re simply looking to give your walls a new look. Whatever the case may be, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in your home, and what better time to do so than spring? After you’ve done all the cleaning in your home, you can finish it off with a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency while giving it a fresh new look, Healthy Home 365 can be of great assistance to you! Our LiquidKOOL insulating paint is a perfect way to achieve both of these, helping increase your home’s energy efficiency while deflecting heat away during warmer temperatures, and sealing heat in during the colder months. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency while giving it a much needed update? It’s absolutely true, and Healthy Home 365 is here to help you achieve both.

Energy Saving Products For Homes

Those are two more tips to help you make spring cleaning more eco friendly this season. At Healthy Home 365, we aim to make products for your home that are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, from our whole house air purification systems to our attic ventilation systems. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home to become more energy efficient or are looking to start things off right in your new home, Healthy Home 365 offers a variety of products to help homeowners increase their energy efficiency while decreasing their carbon footprint. To learn more about our energy efficient products for homes, contact us today!