Healthy Home 365 is committed to providing homeowners across the country with a wide variety of products to not only help promote energy conservation and energy efficiency, but also the better treatment of our environment. It is of the utmost importance to us to help encourage the bettering of our planet for our generation and future generations, and through our eco-friendly home energy solutions, it is our goal to provide you with products that can work to the benefit of both your family as well as the environment.

Here and now, technology is able to provide us with a variety of benefits. From being able to share information and communicate with people on the other side of the country to do our shopping from the convenience of our own home, technology, and more specifically, smartphones have made our lives far more convenient. Continuing in this fashion, controlling your home’s thermostat has never been easier, thanks to the groundbreaking technology of Nest Thermostats. Healthy Home 365 is proud to provide you with Nest Thermostat systems, making controlling your home’s thermostat easier than ever.

Control It From Anywhere

With the Nest app, your thermostat is no longer something that you have to be at home to control. By using the Nest app on your smartphone, you are now able to control your home’s temperature from wherever you may be. This can be incredibly helpful in a variety of settings. Forgot to shut off the air conditioning after leaving in a hurry? Switch it off in just seconds. Did the temperature drop significantly from the afternoon until the evening? Turn up your thermostat from your phone and return to a home that’s warm and comfortable. Never leave home wondering if you had the thermostat set to whatever you want it to be set when you’re not at home. With the Nest app, you are able to control your home’s temperature conveniently and easily.

Nest Is Smart

Perhaps you’ve lived in a home that has a finicky or inconsistent thermostat. If so, you understand the frustration that comes with having to figure out your thermostat to simply get it to function in the way that you would like. An advantage of Nest Thermostat is that it actually learns from your use. Making adjustments to it within the first few days of you owning it will allow it to get an idea of your overall heating and cooling preferences, as well as when you tend to enjoy these temperatures. From there, it creates a customized schedule for you, setting those temperatures to change throughout the day to fit your specific tastes. Additionally, it also learns about the intricacies of your home’s heating and cooling methods, making the proper adjustments to accommodate for them.

Save Money on Energy Bills

Because of the Nest Thermostat being skilled in providing you with energy efficient service, it also has the ability to save energy. Studies have shown that was proven to save users an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.

Energy Efficient Products For Your Home

Healthy Home 365 continues to provide you with energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions for your home, allowing you to save money while being friendlier to our environment. To learn more about the innovative Nest Thermostat, contact us today.