In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few things that you can do at home to save energy in your home. Concluding in part two of our blog series, here are just a few more helpful ways that you can save energy at home.

Find Alternatives to Raising Your Temperature Indoors

When things get cold and uncomfortable outside, it’s completely understandable to want to come indoors and seek comfort of indoor heat, so much to the point that we sometimes raise the temperature even higher than usual, so as to compensate for the harsh outdoors. When we get our heating bill the following month, though, we may not be quite as happy with our decision making. One easy way to compromise this is to not crank our heating. Given, the outdoors are a harsh mistress and can certainly drive us to do so, but even an increase of five to seven degrees on your thermostat can make a significant different on both the cost and your carbon footprint. Dressing a bit warmer indoors, with things like wool socks and sweatshirts can certainly make things more comfortable without having to raise the overall temperature indoors. If you live in a home that’s largely wood floors, investing in rugs can help with making your floors less cold to the touch. Making sure that you don’t leave doors and windows open and that your home is free of drafts will also help you retain the heat generated indoors without having to raise it.

Take Shorter Showers

A decrease in water usage is a very smart and easy way to become more environmentally friendly. While states on the west coast and in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing water shortages that are more significant than other states in our nation, water is hardly something that is in great abundance, and we should be treating it as such. Taking shorter showers is a great way to cut down on excess water usage. While we understand the comfort of a hot shower is a great way to relax and relieve stress, cutting your ten minute shower into a five minute shower will make a big difference on both the environment and your energy bill. Remembering to turn off faucets while shaving and brushing your teeth (as mentioned in a previous blog) is another great habit to incorporate into your daily routine. Hear a leaky faucet at night? As difficult as it may be to do so, do the right thing and get out of bed to turn the faucet off. All these things can add up, and making these changes in your water usage can make a difference in the grand scheme.

Those are just a few helpful energy saving tips that, if incorporated into your day to day routine, can help you live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and decrease your overall carbon footprint. At Healthy Home 365, our commitment to helping you make your home more environmentally friendly is incredibly important, and we offer products to promote and assist you in that process. From our Solar Kool attic ventilation system to our Kool Blanket multi-layered insulation, we are proud to offer our customers products that are both eco friendly and help them save money. Our planet has given us so much, it’s time for us to give back to it and treat it better. For more information on our products and services, contact us today!