With summer finally here, there are many things that you can do to increase your home’s energy efficiency in your attic alone. Healthy Home 365 offers a variety of energy efficient products for your home, and there are plenty that can be used in your attic to help decrease your home’s energy consumption and increase your overall energy efficiency. In part two of our blog series, we’ll look at a few more examples of these. Contact us today to learn more about our energy efficient solutions for your home!

KOOLBlanket Multi Layered Insulation

Another way that you can improve your attic’s energy efficiency this summer is through the use of attic insulation. There’s a chance that your attic may already be insulated, but if you’re noticing it to still be excessively warm during the summer or cold during the winter, you can certainly improve upon what’s already there. Regular insulation can do a decent job of insulating your attic, but if you’re looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency, you need to enlist the power of our KOOLBlanket Multi Layered Insulation.

Unlike regular insulation, KOOL Blanket Multi-Layered Insulation can block up to 97% of the unwanted radiant heat transfer in your attic. This means that during the hot summer months, your attic will be far more temperate, allowing you to not only consume less power in cooling your home, but also put less stress on your HVAC system overall.

SolarKOOL Attic Ventilation System

For those of you who are looking for another option of increasing your attic’s energy efficiency this summer, Healthy Home 365 has yet another option for you. From providing you with multi-layered insulation to an effective way to seal off your attic stairs, we’ve also have options for those of you who are looking for better ventilation in your attic overall.

SolarKOOL is a solar-powered fan that regulates the temperatures in your attic year-round. For all those excessively hot and muggy summer days, it removes the excess hot air from your attic, keeping it cool and reducing the amount of strain placed on your HVAC system. In the winter, it prevents the buildup of moisture caused by outside air traveling inside. Our SolarKOOL attic fans can extend the life of your roof while also lowering your energy consumption and HVAC maintenance costs.

With something so powerful and effective, one must assume that this solar powered attic fan is loud and invasive. We’ve designed it using the highest quality parts and precision balanced fan blades, and an incredibly quiet direct-current motor, which comes with a lifetime warranty. Best of all, it installs quickly and easily with no wiring, structural changes or maintenance needed.

Energy Efficient Solutions for The Home

Those are just a few more examples of how you can increase the energy efficiency of your attic this summer. Energy efficiency is at the heart of what we do at Healthy Home 365, and we’ve made it our goal to provide you with products that can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency while also allowing you to live a more environmentally conscious life. From our SolarKOOL attic ventilation system to our KOOLBlanket Multi-Layered insulation, our energy efficient products can also add value to your home. To learn more about our energy efficient products for the home, contact us today!