Healthy Home 365 aims to provide homeowners with a variety of energy efficient products to help make homes more environmentally friendly and decrease energy costs. From HVAC air purification systems to solar powered attic ventilation fans and thermal insulated paint, Healthy Home 365 offers a variety of different products for people looking to harness green technologies while increasing their homes’ energy efficiency. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our energy efficient products.

As we’ve been discussing in our past few blog posts, many people spend time during the summer taking on various home improvement projects. Whether you’re preparing to put your home on the market or you’re simply looking to make it even better than it already is, you can also increase your home’s energy efficiency in the process. With all the use that your home’s cooling system will see during the summer, you can effectively work to not only increase its overall efficiency, but also reduce your cooling costs. Healthy Home 365 makes this possible through the use of our KOOLBlue liquid additive. In this blog post, we’ll look at how KOOLBlue can help increase your home’s cooling system’s overall efficiency while continuing to provide you with the comfort that you desire.

KOOLBlue Cooling System Additive

Many claim that leaving your thermostat set at around 78 degrees can help you save on cooling costs and decrease your energy consumption. This can be easier said than done, though, especially during those summer months that can sometimes be incredibly warm. Spending time outdoors is a key part of summer, but so is enjoying the cool comfort of the indoors. Our KOOLBlue oil based additive is an effective and efficient way to reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing your overall comfort.

KOOLBlue is a synthetic polarized refrigerant oil additive (PROA) that is applied to metal parts of your cooling system. It provides lubrication and protects these key parts from wear and tear that can eventually lead to a decrease in their overall performance. KOOLBlue helps block the deposits of dirt and debris while preventing lubrication oils from building up, which can cause your cooling system to decrease it’s overall performance. Simplified, KOOLBlue increases your cooling system’s efficiency, helping you save money while still staying comfortable.

HVAC Efficiency With KOOLBlue

To summarize, adding KOOLBlue to your cooling system this summer can help increase its efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. With the amount of use that your cooling system will undoubtedly see these next few months, doing so can not only help you save money, but it can also do so while providing you with the exact same level of comfort in your home that you crave. Healthy Home 365 works hard to provide our customers with a variety of energy efficient products for homes. Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s HVAC efficiency with our KOOLBlue additive, keep your attic cool with our SolarKOOL solar powered attic ventilation system, or purify your home’s air with our Eco Probiotic whole house air purifiers, Healthy Home 365 offers a variety of products to help you keep your home energy efficient. To learn more about how Healthy Home 365 can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency, contact us today!