Healthy Home 365 is proud to provide homeowners with many different products to promote green living and energy efficiency in homes. We feel that it is our responsibility to improve the world of the future in the present, and providing you with solutions for energy efficiency in your home is how we choose to make a difference. To discover more about our energy saving products, get in touch with us today.

One of the products we offer is our LiquidKOOL insulated paint. Used extensively in a variety of settings across the globe, our insulated paint is designed to help aid in the overall insulation of your home, allowing you to maintain a more consistent temperature while also reducing energy consumption. While we’ve discussed some of the benefits that one can enjoy by using LiquidKOOL, in part one of this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few more ways that LiquidKOOL can be of benefit to your home.

Repaint a Room That Is Inconsistent In Its Temperature

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in our home is one of the many ways that we make our living environment our own. While we all have own our personal preferences on how hot or cold we’d prefer a room to be, there are additional factors that are sometimes beyond our control, effectively interfering with our ability to seek comfort in our homes. The location of a room can play a role in how it feels overall, and if you’re in a room that has more outdoor facing walls than indoor facing ones, you may notice it feeling closer to the temperature of the outdoors than indoors. While many of us may simply choose to live with this discomfort, you don’t necessarily have to settle.

LiquidKOOL thermal insulating paint is designed to curb heat loss and gain, while also increasing your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. Using two different layers to prevent heat loss and gain, our thermal insulating paint can help aid in the overall maintenance of a comfortable temperature in your home, even in rooms that have a tendency to sometimes be inconsistent in relation to the rest of your home. Now, the room that you may have previously avoided due to its temperature can now be as perfect and comfortable as you’ve always wanted it to be.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

If you’re hoping to enjoy the benefits of our thermal insulating paint on a larger level, choosing to paint multiple rooms of your home with it can only increase the amount of benefits that you can experience from using it. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, LiquidKOOL works to help you cut down on the amount of stress and wear placed upon your HVAC system and decrease energy consumption. Not only does this help increase your HVAC system’s overall lifespan, this can also help cut down on energy bills. With this in mind, the more you choose to use our thermal insulating paint, the more you’ll notice these sorts of benefits. In addition to this, you will also help your home maintain an even more consistent temperature overall, as multiple walls will be coated in our efficient and highly effective paint.

Energy Saving Products For Your Home

Those are just two examples of how our LiquidKOOL can be of benefit to you in your home. At Healthy Home 365, we work hard to provide you with an array of products to help you live a greener life while increasing your home’s overall energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to decrease the amount of heat loss and gain in your attic, increase your HVAC system’s efficiency or otherwise, Healthy Home 365 has the products and services to help you do all this and more. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, contact Healthy Home 365 today to learn more about our energy saving products.