Healthy Home 365 is proud to provide our customers with an array of energy saving products for homes. In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few examples of how LiquidKOOL thermal insulating paint can be of benefit to you. Wrapping things up in part two, here are a few more examples of how LiquidKOOL can make for a better experience in your home.

LiquidKOOL in Rental Properties

One thing to consider is the use of LiquidKOOL in a home that you may be renting out to other tenants. The property may be fantastic as it is, with new fixtures and other great updates, but as we mentioned in our previous post, one of the best parts of a home has to do with the level of comfort that it can provide us with. Being able to maintain a comfortable temperature in our home is one of the key elements that truly makes a house a home. Think about coming home from work on an extremely cold day. You brace yourself for the exposure to the cold as you prepare to go to your car. The entire drive home, you’re thinking about how comfortable your home will be upon your arrival. Once you step inside your home, you feel truly comfortable, knowing that you are protected from the harsh winter temperatures.

Scenarios like this are quite universal. When it comes to a home that may not be yours, you may cut corners in relation to things like insulation and other supplies. While you simply want products that will get the job done, using LiquidKOOL in your rental property can be helpful to both you and your tenant in more ways than you may realize. On the surface, you’ll be providing your tenant with a home that’s comfortable and insulated, helping maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature year round. This means that you will likely hear less from your tenants in relation to the home being too drafty during the winter or hot during the summer. As we mentioned earlier, though, it also puts less stress on your home’s HVAC system. When considering the amount of time and money that can often go into doing regular HVAC maintenance, coating the walls of your rental property in LiquidKOOL can not only save your tenants money on heating and cooling costs, but it can save you money in potentially reducing the amount of HVAC maintenance that you will have to do.

Prepare For A New Season

Whether you’ve experienced an excessively warm summer or an abusively cold winter, as the seasons change, we begin to dread what the future holds for us. The last thing that we want is a repeat of another unpleasant season, but thanks to LiquidKOOL thermal insulated paint, you can prepare in advance to make for a far more comfortable and enjoyable season ahead. Whether you’re painting your rooms in fall to prepare for the coming winter months, or you’re including an indoor makeover as part of your spring cleaning routine, using LiquidKOOL in your home is a great way to prepare for a coming season, ensuring that your HVAC system won’t have to work overtime just to provide you with the comfort that you deserve.

Energy Saving Products from Healthy Home 365

Those are just a few more examples of how LiquidKOOL thermal insulated paint can be of benefit to you. Whether you’re a landlord looking for a great way to maximize the energy efficiency of your rental properties, or you’re simply trying to make for a more comfortable and environmentally friendly environment in your home, LiquidKOOL is made to help your home be more comfortable while reducing your overall carbon footprint. To learn more about how our energy saving products can improve your home’s energy efficiency, get in touch with us today!