Temperatures are slowly starting to drop, and while we don’t generally have to brace for snow and ice here in Texas, there are a few adjustments we make to stay comfortable. Turning on the heat may be one of them, and keeping your home warm can turn into a big expense if you’re not careful. There are a lot of places where heat can escape and energy may be wasted in your house, and Healthy Home 365 wants to help you target those places with energy conservation tips and energy-saving products.

In part one of this series, we discussed how insulating your windows, adding attic insulation, and investing in professional maintenance for your HVAC system are all ways to create a more energy-efficient home this summer. Today, we continue with three more ideas. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your house for winter and don’t forget to contact the Healthy Home 365 team to find out how our products can help!

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fans have a reverse switch, use it! It’s a small action that can help you feel more comfortable. Heat rises, and when the blades of your ceiling fans rotate clockwise, they help pull cool air up and cycle warm air back down. This simple step may encourage you to turn down the thermostat a few more degrees, which can mean smaller utility bills in the future!

Treat Air Leaks

As we mentioned in our last blog post, windows and doors are two of the major culprits when it comes to winter heat loss and energy waste. Why? Because windows and doors often have openings and cracks around the frames where air – and heat – can escape, sabotaging the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and raising your utility bills. Tackle these air leaks with low-tech solutions.

If you see daylight between your door and any part of the frame, or you notice cracks wide enough to fit a nickel inside between your siding and a door or window, then you already know where your problem areas are. You can also use a lit candle to detect leaks — look for the flame to flicker and move to detect other leaks. Use exterior caulk to fill the cracks you see between windows, doors, and your siding. For drafty doors, use weatherstripping and a door sweep for a good seal.

Insulate Your Water Heater

Hot showers feel even better when it’s cold outside, but heating water is one of the biggest energy draws in your home. Enjoy the same luxuries for less with a water heater wrap! Healthy Home 365 developed KOOLWrap to offer simple, lightweight insulation for your water heater, helping our customers save as much as 20 percent on their water heating costs! It’s hypoallergenic, safe to handle, and easy to install, making it one of the simplest steps you can take to boost your energy conservation efforts this winter.

Contact Healthy Home 365 Today

Saving energy means protecting the environment and your wallet, and will help from Healthy Home 365, you can do both. We are here to support your efforts for a more energy-efficient home with advice on how to conserve energy and innovative products like KOOLWrap. Insulating your water heater, sealing air leaks, and reversing your ceiling fans are all great ways to save money and energy this winter. If you’re reading to invest in a water heater wrap, Healthy Home’s space-age attic insulation, or any of our other energy-saving products, please don’t hesitate to call! We’ll work with you to make your Texas home more energy efficient than ever. We look forward to speaking to you!