In part one of our blog series, we looked at a few examples of things that you can do to raise environmentally conscious children. Concluding in part two, here are a few more examples of things that you can do to raise children that are friendlier to our environment.

Reycling Means Giving Back

Recycling is not only an easy way to be more eco-friendly, but it’s something that a person can do virtually anywhere. While some communities are less friendly towards recycling, making recycling more commonplace in your home can give your children a foundation of environmental consciousness that could last a lifetime. Explaining to them the effects of recycling will likely fascinate them and make them want to participate in it even more so. Making it into a habit is easy, and it starts at home. First, explain to them what items can be recycled and what items can’t. Then, do it together for a few days, showing them what items go where. After a few days, your kids should love recycling and will want to do it as much as possible in as many places as possible. Explaining the importance of reusing items, too, can help them become more aware of the impact that their choices can make on the environment.

Limiting the Littering

Littering, oh boy. Very few things are as visibly destructive to our environment as littering, and in Texas, even minor littering is considered a class C misdemeanor and punishable of fines up to $500. Legal or not, littering is incredibly disrespectful and irresponsible and should never be excused. Thankfully, remedying this is as simple as making a habit to not do so. Helping your kids understand that doing so is unacceptable from an early age will help them integrate not doing so into their daily routines. Some kids may take to this practice so well to the point of them attempting to pick up the litter of others. Be sure to not allow this until they are old enough to understand the potential dangers of doing so, but reward them for wanting to treat our planet with the respect that it deserves.

Electricity Efficiency

Electricity is ubiquitous and in many cases, we have a tendency to take it for granted. We leave lights on, leave appliances on, and leave items plugged in even when we aren’t using them. Much like every other item in this blog, this is something that can be easily remedied, especially if you establish the habit from day one with your kids. When you leave a room with them, make a point of turning off the lights. If an appliance isn’t in use, make sure it’s unplugged or shut down. In the case of things like tablets and mobile devices, make it a habit of not letting them charge overnight, instead, charge them right before bedtime so as to save 7+ hours of unnecessary power use. Little changes in your lifestyle will save more energy than you realize; having your kids apply that to theirs will only increase that amount.

So there you go, just a small handful of tips for you to help make your kids more environmentally conscious and live more eco-friendly lifestyles. Incorporating all of these things into your own routine will set an example for your kids, who learn by example. If mom and dad do it, so should they. If you raise your children in an environment that values our planet and promotes eco-friendly decision making, they will likely grow into respectful and responsible adults. Healthy home 365 is here for you and your family to make your Richardson home and family more eco-friendly with a variety of energy efficient home solutions. Contact us today and make your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly today.