In addition to our main products, like the whole-house air purification system from Eco Probiotic Systems and our LiquidKOOL thermal insulating paint, we also offer a variety of other products that are aimed at helping homeowners harness green practices while making their homes more energy efficient. We understand that energy efficiency in the home can be achieved using a variety of different methods, and in an attempt to offer homeowners across the country with as many options as possible, we here at Healthy Home 365 continue to be at the forefront of developing energy efficient products for your home.

Our bundling offer features three distinct products that can promote energy efficiency in your home. Our KOOLTent is designed to reduce air loss and transfer in your attic staircase. Our KOOLWrap water heater wrap is designed to increase your water heater’s overall efficiency. Additionally, we also offer Nest Thermostats for your home, which can make controlling your home’s heating and cooling systems easier than ever.



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