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  1. Your Guide to Home Energy Audits

    If you have a goal of creating a more energy-efficient home, then the first step you should take is investing in a home energy audit. It’s a great step to take now, as the temperature outside is cooling down, so you know your home is ready for the cooler weather of winter. A professional audit doe…Read More

  2. The 7 Biggest Power Draws in Your Home

    There are a lot of benefits in striving for an energy-efficient home, both for you and for the environment. You can reduce your impact by reducing the power you need and use, as well as lower your utility bills with the same change in habits. To decide what actions you should take in pursuit of this…Read More

  3. The Science of Energy Conservation

    You want to make your home a haven. A place that is comfortable year-round, but also eco-friendly and energy efficient. There are a lot of products on the market today that claim they can help you achieve all of the above, and in order to make the best possible decisions, it’s important that you u…Read More

  4. Summer Energy Conservation Tips

    We’ve reached the true heat of a Texas summer, and if you’re like many people across the country, your electric bills probably spiked as you started to crank the air conditioner. Cooling your home is one of the biggest drains on your wallet and your community’s resources during the summer. It…Read More

  5. How To Increase Your Refrigerator’s Efficiency

    At Healthy Home 365, we provide you with eco friendly and energy efficient solutions for your home. Whether it’s through our Liquid Kool Thermal Insulating Paint, our Kool Blanket multi-layered insulation, our Solar Kool Attic Ventilation System or our Kool Blue cooling system additive, we aim to …Read More

  6. Holiday Energy Saving Kitchen Tips

    At Healthy Home 365, our main concern is making sure that our environment is treated well, and we aim to carry out this goal with all of the products and services that we offer Richardson homeowners. Whether if it’s our LiquidKool insulated paint or our SolarKool attic ventilation systems, we have…Read More