1. Prepare for an Energy-Efficient Winter, Part 2

    Temperatures are slowly starting to drop, and while we don’t generally have to brace for snow and ice here in Texas, there are a few adjustments we make to stay comfortable. Turning on the heat may be one of them, and keeping your home warm can turn into a big expense if you’re not careful. Ther…Read More

  2. Prepare for an Energy-Efficient Winter, Part 1

    Winters in Texas may not be as brutal as they are up north, but it can still get cold. You break out the sweaters, add an extra blanket to the bed, and turn on the heat. With a few more changes, you can stay comfortable as temperatures dip and reduce energy waste. Healthy Home 365 is dedicated to he…Read More

  3. Summer Energy Conservation Tips

    We’ve reached the true heat of a Texas summer, and if you’re like many people across the country, your electric bills probably spiked as you started to crank the air conditioner. Cooling your home is one of the biggest drains on your wallet and your community’s resources during the summer. It…Read More