Energy-efficient homes come with many benefits, including an increased sense of comfort in your home overall. Our SolarKOOL attic ventilation system, for example serves the purpose of regulating your attic’s temperature. During the summer, your attic has a tendency to be the hottest part of your home, and during the winter, the coldest. With this in mind, SolarKOOL regulates the temperature of your attic when you need it most, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The result? A home that is far more comfortable than one without SolarKOOL.

Environmentally Friendly

At Healthy Home 365, helping homeowners treat the environment with respect is one of our main goals, and we are able to help you do this by providing you with energy-efficient home solutions. Perhaps you’re looking at our SolarKOOL attic ventilation system, or our LiquidKOOL insulation paint. Maybe you’re considering in investing in a whole-house air purification system from Eco Probiotic Systems. Whatever the case may be, all of these energy-efficient solutions come with an array of environmental benefits as well. Take our SolarKOOL attic ventilation system, for example. This fantastic attic ventilation system is able to regulate your attic’s temperature, which, as we stated earlier, adds to the overall comfort of your home. The environmentally friendly benefit comes as a result of this. Because it’s regulating the temperature of your attic, it’s also regulating the temperature of your home overall. As it’s making your home’s overall temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, it’s not only reducing the amount of strain on your HVAC system, it’s also decreasing your energy consumption, thus being friendlier to the environment. The comfort of home with environmental benefits? It’s true!


Energy Efficiency Saves You Money!

Did you realize that energy efficiency saves you money, too? All of our products are designed to not only be friendlier towards the environment, but also on your wallet. Our LiquidKOOL thermal insulated paint can help reduce your energy costs considerably. Offering two layers of protection, the paint reflects radiant energy and heat away from your home during warmer temperatures, while keeping heat inside your home during colder temperatures. Our SolarKOOL attic ventilation system helps your HVAC system from working overtime, meaning that you’ll enjoy considerably lower energy bills as a result.


Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

With the larger population taking an interest in being more eco friendly and introducing green practices into their lifestyles, altering your home to be more environmentally friendly can come with it’s own set of benefits, specifically in relation to its resale value. While your home may have held its value since your initial purchase, doing upgrades to it can only help increase its overall value. Having a whole house air purification system or an attic ventilation system installed in your home will not only increase your home’s overall comfort and green nature, but these can very easily be seen as added benefits to potential buyers in the future. To the right buyer, they’ll be willing to pay a little bit more for a home that embraces their lifestyle decisions while also giving them more control over their overall energy consumption and costs.