Winters in Texas may not be as brutal as they are up north, but it can still get cold. You break out the sweaters, add an extra blanket to the bed, and turn on the heat. With a few more changes, you can stay comfortable as temperatures dip and reduce energy waste. Healthy Home 365 is dedicated to helping you create a more energy-efficient home, with a wide range of energy-saving products that will make living a more eco-friendly life less of a sacrifice. Read on to learn what steps you should take to prepare your home for a winter of energy conservation and call Healthy Home 365 to learn how our products can help!

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

Now is the time to make sure your HVAC system is in tip-top shape. It works hard in the summer, even with additives like Healthy Home 365’s innovative PROA, and it’s important to give it a thorough check up. Take advantage of the more comfortable temperatures and hire a professional to look for any issues and address them before you need to turn your heating and cooling system back on for the winter.

Annual maintenance is an important step in keeping your HVAC system – and your home – as energy efficient as possible. Cleaning the ductwork and addressing mechanical problems can return your system to peak efficiency. Your like-new heating and cooling set-up will be able to meet your expectations with less effort, saving you money on utility bills as well as repairs down the line.

Insulate Your Windows

Some studies say that up to one third of your home’s heat loss can be attributed to doors and windows. Tackle part of the problem by insulating your windows. There are a couple ways to go about it, from affordable window insulator kits to the bigger, long-term investment of installing storm windows. The easiest way to block heat loss through your windows? Use curtains, shades, and blinds! Closing your blinds or drapes during the night and while you’re away from home can conserve heat, and it can be a great solution for harder-to-insulate areas like sliding glass doors.

Check Your Attic Insulation

We’ve said it before on the KOOLBlanket blog and we’ll say it again — proper attic insulation is essential to a comfortable, energy-efficient home. Heat rises, which makes your unfinished attic one big exit for all the energy your HVAC system spent trying to maintain your preferred temperatures. Insulation slows the process and helps your home retain heat, and no insulation does the job quite like Healthy Home 365’s KOOLBlanket attic insulation. KOOLBlanket works as the perfect supplement for existing insulation, increasing the R-value to levels recommended for your region and preventing unwanted heat transfer. Check out our blog on inspecting your insulation to find out if this is a step you should worry about, and learn more about KOOLBlanket today!

Call Healthy Home 365

There are a lot of vulnerable places in your home that can lose heat and waste energy during the winter. Insulating your windows, checking the insulation in your attic, and scheduling professional maintenance for your HVAC system are just three ways to improve your cold weather energy conservation efforts. Look for part two of this series for even more ideas, and contact Healthy Home 365 to learn more about all our energy-saving products!