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What Our Customers Are Saying


  1. My Electricity Bill Was Reduced About 35%

    My utility bills was going sky high and I had one room in the house, the temperature was not adequate compared to the other rooms in the house. Adding the Solar vents in the attic helped reduce the heat. KOOLBlanket Insulation solved the hot and cold spot in the bedroom. My electricity bill was reduced about 35%. That was the first month that I had it and I was thrilled. That was a big savings for me.

    Bill Grant on KOOLSpin / KOOLBlanket
  2. Great Job

    I have not had a cold or flu in the last two years. I don’t want to leave out the professionalism that the organization reflected. That followed all the way through to the installers. They did a great job and I’m as pleased as I could be.

    Bill Grant on EPS365
  3. Great People They Stand Behind Their Word

    I have C.O.P.D. which is a degenerative lung function. The probiotics has helped my breathing. It keeps my house cleaner. It helps with my sinus, used to be I get up and be blowing my nose and coughing up phlegm and tears coming out of my eyes. Probiotics took care of all of this for me. It’s a great product, great people they stand behind their word. If something goes wrong I promise you they’ve been out twice, once it wasn’t even their fault. They done it at no cost to me cause it’s a lifetime warranty. I mean it’s lifetime warranty.

    Rickie Julian on EPS365
  4. Paid For Itself

    Our electricity bill has been extremely high. It saved alot of money, that alone paid for itself. They took the old product out, they didn’t have to, they didn’t charge us to take it out. Replaced it with their product, came down with pictures, showed us everything they did, showed us how it was put in properly. Everything looked great, we didn’t have to walk in the attic and look at everything. We saw everything with our eyes, and to our satisfaction we were happy at that point. They made us feel good, pleased us, we were happy to have it.

    Jerry Albertelli on KOOLBlanket
  5. We Didn’t Have To Do Anything

    We noticed after the insulation was put in today that it seems to have adjusted alot better and seems to be more steady and even temperatures. They did more than we expected them to do. They corrected a few issues that we weren’t aware of. So they saved us alot of time and money. It was done faster than I expected it to be done, within a short period of time as compared to other times where you have to wait for the products to be delivered and installed. It was really a surprise and a blessing in a way. The best part is we didn’t have to do anything.

    Laurence and Silvestra Prano on KOOLBlanket / Customer Service
  6. Just Awesome

    I wanted the KOOLBlanket in our attic because it really concerns me with the amount of insulation that we have and everytime you’re up there it flutters around. I think health wise it’s important to minimize the exposure.

    That was just awesome to think that you can have your attic that much cooler in such a short period of time in the heat of the summer, and in Texas it hot!

    Renee O’Dell on KOOLBlanket
  7. Very Surprised With The Success Of The Paint

    We have no attic with the ceiling right up against the roof which made very extreme conditions upstairs. We had the painters come in with the thermal paint. They’ve done a beautiful job. The comfort levels have been awesome. I’ve been very pleased, very surprised with the success of the paint. The worker endeavored to save my old wallpaper border that’s irreplaceable and he worked hard and did save that and appreciate that aspect of it.

    Donna Dean on LiquidKOOL / Customer Service
  8. The Teamwork Was Just Beautiful

    There was one part of the home that doesn’t stay or maintain heat or cooling and I was eager to solve that problem. I feel that Healthy Home and their insulation and fan would take care of that problem. The storage I have in the attic was quite a bit. They were so generous in moving everything. I didn’t have to touch a thing to do their insulation which was very nice. The teamwork was just beautiful. I’m excited about it and looking forward to lower utility bills.

    Joyce O’Bannon on KOOLBLanket / Customer Service
  9. This Is How American Companies Should Treat American People

    They paid for the electrician to come out and make us a plug in to hook our Probiotic up. The next day an electrician was here and we’ve never received a bill over so they’ve taken care of it. Nobody does that. I’ve never in my life had an experience like that. That was amazing. This is how American companies should treat American people. They’re great!

    Brenda and Mark H on Customer Service
  10. Breathing Better Throughout The Night

    Before we got the probiotic systems, I’d wake up plugged up had a hard time breathing have to get up put nasal spray in my nose. Since we’ve got that I’m breathing better throughout the night. We can definitely tell the difference in air quality.

    Brenda and Mark H on EPS365