At Healthy Home 365, we make it our goal to provide our customers with a variety of product based solutions to help you increase the energy efficiency of your home. Now more than ever, it’s important to treat our planet with the respect that it deserves, and the decisions that we make in our homes can truly make a difference in relation to our environment’s overall health. With this in mind, we offer a variety of products that not only cut down on your home’s energy consumption, but also employ natural methods in doing so, ensuring that our products are both eco friendly as well as effective. Whether you’re looking to add value to your home for a future seller or make your home more green for both you and your family, Healthy Home 365 offer you many different energy efficient products to allow you to do so. To learn more about our energy efficient products or to get in touch with us, contact Healthy Home 365 today!

We’ve spoken at length about a variety of our products, from our solar powered attic fans and thermal insulating paint to our whole house air purification systems. The attic is a part of our home that can greatly contribute to our home’s overall energy consumption, and by leaving our attics untreated, we’re actually both doing our homes and our environment a disservice. Thankfully, Healthy Home 365 offers KOOLBlanket multi-layered attic insulation to help you regulate and control your attic’s temperature. Doing so can provide you with an array of different benefits.

Year Round Attic Protection

While many of us think of our attics as being the bearer of extreme heat in the summer, it’s also an incredibly cold part of our home in the winter, as well. This has to do with a variety of reasons, from the insufficient existing insulation, to inadequate vents to openings in the attic that let in cold air. Whatever insulation currently exists in your attic isn’t usually enough, and as a result, your attic grows excessively warm in the summer, which makes your air conditioner work harder and consumes more energy. It also requires your heating to do the same in the winter, and both of these things put more wear on your HVAC system overall, as it’s requiring them to do more work than is necessary. While yes, you end up with a temperature in your home that’s comfortable and desirable, you can achieve the same level of comfort with our KOOLBlanket multi layered attic insulation. KOOLBlanket reflects radiant energy during the warmer months, while retaining interior warmth in the winter. As a result, your attic’s temperature remains the same as the rest of your home, meaning that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, nor will it endure the same amount of wear and tear that it would with an attic that wasn’t lined with KOOLBlanket.

KOOLBlanket can block up to 97% of unwanted radiant heat transfer, allowing your home to stay nice and cool during the summer. It’s easy to install and made of 99.9% pure aluminum. This simple attic insulation can help you not only consume less energy, but it will also help you save money on your utility costs all year round. Best of all, you still maintain the same comfortable temperature in your home while doing so.

Those are just a few benefits that come with using our KOOLBlanket multi-layered attic insulation. Healthy Home 365 is here to provide you with an array of energy efficient products to help you turn your home into a more energy efficient and greener home. Whether you’re looking to regulate the temperature of your attic with our KOOLBlanket multi-layered attic insulation or our SolarKOOL solar powered attic ventilation system, increase your home’s insulation with our LiquidKOOL thermal insulated paint, or control the amount of allergens in your home with an HVAC air purification system from Eco Probiotic Systems, Healthy Home 365 is committed to providing you with products that provide you with true results as well as savings. To learn more about how Healthy Home 365 can best serve your family’s needs, or to learn more about our energy saving products, contact us today. We’d love to help you increase your home’s energy efficiency!