Healthy Home 365 is committed to providing our clients with the best in energy saving products for the home. We understand the importance of living in a way that is more environmentally friendly, and we also realize that living green starts in the home. Because of this, we have developed a variety of products to help increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your household’s carbon footprint. Want to decrease your home’s energy consumption and save on your utility bills? We offer an array of products—from attic ventilation systems to thermal insulating paint to smart thermostats—that allow you to enjoy benefits like these as well as many others. Having an energy efficient and eco friendly household has never been easier thanks to Healthy Home 365, and we aim to provide you with only the highest quality products available. To learn more about how you can turn your home into an energy efficient home, or to get in touch with us, contact Healthy Home 365 today!

At Healthy Home 365, we offer our customers a variety of different energy saving products for homes, for all different parts of your home. Energy efficiency can come in a variety of ways, some more obvious than others. Something as simple as your water heater can very easily contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. We offer many different products to promote energy efficiency in the home, including a wrap to help increase your water heater’s energy efficiency.

KOOLWrap is yet another product that we offer here at Healthy Home 365. Wrapping your water heater is an easy and effective way to provide it with extra insulation, and doing so can help increase its efficiency. Doing so doesn’t have to be complicated, though, and our KOOLWrap water heater wrap is incredibly easy to install on your home’s water heater. Using KOOLWrap in your home can effectively save you up to 20% on your monthly water heating costs. Additionally, using our water heater wrap can also help decrease the amount of wear and tear placed on your water heater, which can not only increase it’s lifespan, but also potentially save you money on water heater maintenance costs. Plus, it’s lightweight, making it easy to transport, and hypoallergenic, meaning that you don’t need to worry about it aggravating the allergies of you or any of your family members. KOOLWrap is a truly safe, effective and easy to install way to increase your water heater’s energy efficiency.

That’s just a small overview of our fantastic KOOLWrap water heater wrap. Having KOOLWrap installed to your home’s water heater can make a considerable difference, and installing it is incredibly simple. Healthy Home 365 is proud to offer our customers a variety of products to help make homes more energy efficient while saving you money on your utility costs. Whether you’re looking to provide your attic with better ventilation or insulation, coat your walls with thermal insulating paint or enjoy the benefits of a smart thermostat, Healthy Home 365 offers a variety of products that allow you to do all this and more. To learn more about our energy saving products, contact us today!